I suffer from tension headaches, the kind that reduce you to tears and make you nauseous. About 4 years ago I had a headache that lasted a couple of days and I finally sought treatment with a massage therapist. Although I received some relief the headache lingered on. I would notice it if I turned my head to quickly or in a certain direction. I would get a stab of pain that would make me want to close my eyes and sit very, very still. I had received about 10 massage treatments over a 3 week period which didn’t do much to help me until I saw Christine. Christine is amazing. After 3 treatments from Christine I was as good as new. Now I see Christine once a month to work out any knots I may have and I may get a tension headache twice a year, if that.

For me, Christine gives a deep muscle massage and it always amazes me that she seems to know the spots that are hurting without me ever telling her where. She finds spots I don’t know I have. I leave feeling like weights have been lifted off my shoulders and my muscles feel loose and relaxed.

I would highly recommend Christine to anyone seeking relief.



I've been seeing Christine for about 5 years.  She has relieved pain and tension for me over and over again.  I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Christine is an experienced and professional therapist yet I feel like when I see her I am visiting an old friend... I am so comfortable with her! I love the décor and ambience of the treatment room, waiting area and even the walk up to the door that is surrounded by plants and a tranquil little patio. Christine will make you feel like you are her number one priority and you will look forward to your next visit.  I sure do!


As part of my wellness plan and treatment of several repetitive strain injuries, I receive massage therapy from Christine at Inner Health Massage every month. I have been doing this for the past six years. Christine provides exceptional service in a calming and supportive environment. Her knowledge and experience working on the complex human body are highly evident in her treatment and advice. As a result, I have increased functionality in my body and mind, increased productivity personally and professionally, and an amazing sense of wellbeing. Thank you, Christine, for your years of commitment and service.


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