The Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • baby feetSoothes the nervous system by increasing the relaxation response.
  • Increases the blood flow and lymph fluid to aid with circulation, elimination (of toxins) and immunity.
  • Helps tired or injured muscles recuperate by mechanically ridding the muscle of lactic acid (waste).
  • Increased circulation brings much needed nutrients for repair.
  • Helps to prevent fluid accumulation that can lead to swollen tissue and joints.
  • Decreases muscle tension and discomfort.
  • Decreases muscle spasms.
  • Increases the length of shortened muscles.
  • Decreases trigger point intensity and referrals (headaches).
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion of muscles.
  • Maintains joint health.
  • Aids in scar tissue removal from surgeries, sprains and traumatic injuries.

Research shows that with Massage Therapy...

  • Arthritis sufferers note fewer aches and less stiffness and pain.
  • Burn injury patients report decreased pain, itching and anxiety.
  • High blood pressure patients demonstrate lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety and stress hormones.
  • Assists with shorter, easier labour for expectant mothers and shorter hospital stays.
  • Release endorphins, which are amino acids that work as the body’s painkiller.
  • Premenstral syndrome sufferers have decreased water retention and cramping

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