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Christine Lovelace, RMT

Christine was raised in Langford and graduated from Belmont High School in 1993. Not until she went to the University of Victoria’s School of Music did she start to look into massage. While studying the trumpet for 3 years many music friends would ask her to alleviate their headaches or pain from repetitive practicing. She realized that even without training she was able to help people with chronic pain. She then decided to study massage therapy in Vernon, BC and graduated from the 3 year program at OVCMT in 2000.

Christine first worked at Westshore Massage Therapy from 2000-2004 until she opened her own practice in her home. Christine’s massage therapy clinic is a little piece of calmness in the busy city of Langford. Clients refer to her clinic as “inviting”, their “special place” or their “sanctuary”.

Since graduation Christine has studied many different specialized techniques including; muscle energy, prenatal massage and trigger point techniques. During her spare time she is involved with outrigger paddling, geocaching, hiking, competitive walking and splurging on a good bottle of wine.

Stephanie Jost, RMT

Stephanie Jost, RMTStephanie has now moved to a new location at Ashi Integrative Health,  #112- 2800 Bryn Maur Road

250 216-6155

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